Feather sleeves are a new creation for "special" feathers used by Native Americans to give as gifts or other reasons. Usually feathers are beaded but for whatever reason some cannot do it and respectfully do not want to send their feathers out. I learned from many great native teachers how to do beadwork. Someone asked me if I could do this and they were created! Feather sleeves are a beaded sleeve that slide over the quill of the feather and is glued in place. Instructions included. 3 different sizes, a DIY item. I've sold over 100, many on eBay (same seller name). Non Native American made.
I am not affiliated with any tribe. My grandfather is on the Dawes Roll as Cherokee and my other grandfather is believed to be a native from Canada but we don't know what tribe. I have learned my beadwork from many different awesome native teachers and became addicted! I respect the native ways of many tribes and spirituality. My products are non Native American made. AUTHENTICALLY HANDMADE BY ME!